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Hydrocarbon Allocation and Uncertainty Analysis Workshop

Tuesday 16 May - Tuesday 16 May

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Course overview

The workshop will focus on measurement uncertainty and its effects on allocation in a shared facility/pipeline. The first part of the workshop will discuss the concept of measurement uncertainty. The attendees will learn the available tools used in the petroleum industry to determine individual uncertainty and how those uncertainties are combined to arrive at the total measurement uncertainty of the measurement system. The second part of the workshop will cover hydrocarbon allocation methods and best practices, emphasising the consideration of measurement uncertainty of the allocation meters.

Course content

·      Overview of flow measurement uncertainty and the regulatory requirements in Nigeria

·    Meeting flow measurement uncertainty requirements—Is meter proving and calibration enough? 

·      Introduction to measurement uncertainty and evaluation of flow measurement uncertainty is oil and gas measurement systems 

·      Introduction to allocation and allocation calculation

·      Fair and equitable allocation—the role of flow measurement uncertainty

·      Exposure analysis—Field examples