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Crude Oil Production Facilities Operations and Management

Monday 18 Nov - Thursday 21 Nov

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Course overview

Given the volatility nature of crude oil price, the personnel operating and maintaining production facilities must understand not just the technical implications but also the commercial implications of their technical decisions in oil production process. The emphasis of this course is on crude oil production and processing facilities- from the wellhead to the delivery of specified crude oil quality for export and local refining. Both offshore and onshore production and processing facilities will be discussed. The course covers the application of engineering and scientific principles in solving operating problems such as emulsion treatment, sand handling, dealing with production chemistry issues in a safely and cost-effective manner. Hydrocarbon properties, such as gas solubility in crude oil, crude oil volumetric factors, viscosity, density, and interfacial tension will be covered and their effect on separation processes will be discussed. Facility maintenance will be discussed in detail with emphasis on application of industry best-practices in carrying out maintenance to maximise equipment uptime. In addition to the technical aspects, cost management issues will be discussed using case studies. Throughout the course, process efficiency, equipment uptime, process safety and cost management will be emphasised.

Expected learning outcomes

On successfully completion of the course, the attendee will be able to:

• Make decisions regarding the operation of the process plant more confidently

• Increase the plant efficiency and reduce unplanned shutdown

• Operate the production facility optimally and cost efficiently

• Deal with multiphase flow and production issues in the flowlines and process equipment

• Understanding of plant economics and its implication on cost of a barrel of oil

• Meet production targets without compromising the operating envelop of the surface production

•  Accounting for all production streams effectively

Course Modules






Critical KPIs for high performance production facility operations

Sharing of experiences and existing facility operational challenges. A discussion of how surface facility operation impacts company’s revenue

One day



The role of process facilities operations to field economics


How to maximise production capacity, understanding commercial contract and how to tie the key elements of the contract to production operations. Understanding and managing production cost


Multiphase flow in pipeline and process equipment

Flow regimes—types, maps and how flow regime affect the performance of production equipment. Understanding and managing multiphase flow problems

One day



Understanding production chemistry issues in oil fields

How the following production chemistry problems affect oil production and effective method of solving the problems: Emulsions, wax, asphaltenes, and scales. Managing corrosion in pipeline and equipment 


Production separation, crude oil stabilization

Understanding of the working principles, performance optimisation and troubleshooting of the following surface production equipment: production separators, hydrocyclone, electrostatic treaters, surge tanks and pumping systems.

Chemical injection systems and produced water treatment, and water re-injection

One day



Crude oil storage and inventory management

Storage tank operations, crude oil pumping, overview of production measurement, and overview of hydrocarbon production accounting

One day



Process safety and assets integrity management

Management of relief and flare systems, management of facilities operating procedures, asset integrity and process safety case studies 

Target audience

Process plant managers, supervisors, process engineers, maintenance superintendent, maintenance supervisors, mechanical engineers, facility engineers, instrument engineers

Delivery method

The course will be delivered using modern methods including presentation, discussions, case study analysis, and simple calculation will be implemented in MS excel flowsheet.