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The backbone of our consultancy services is our world-class research expertise. We do not only advise our clients; we ensure that our advice yields the right results. Our consultants work alongside the research team to help our clients understand new flare gas recovery and utilisation technologies and establish the business case to select the right technology. Our consultancy projects over the years have been in niche areas such as hydrocarbon accounting, measurement audit, process facility audit, gas monetisation, FEED studies, feasibility studies, process design, pumping systems performance, energy efficiency,  flow assurance, and Tank farm operational efficiency.


We have a dedicated research team with an unmistakable flair for data analysis, fact-finding, and decoupling complex information. We do a myriad of research, whether market research to help clean energy equipment providers understand the Nigerian energy market or helping an Iranian company with the empirical correlations used to estimate heavy oil emulsion viscosity. Our research is independent and neither influenced by the markets nor regulators. We work closely with other researchers in academia and industry to keep us up to date with the latest development. We also publish independent industry reports. Our Research Analysts are reviewers of several reputable journals in their field of interest. What excites us is receiving a request from a client looking for specific information requiring us to review several published scientific papers: we would not sleep until that information is fetched.

Training, Workshop, Seminar, and Conference

Our training and workshop addresses challenges in oil and gas production economics, natural gas processing, natural gas transportation, hydrocarbon measurement and allocation, pumps and pumping systems, power generation, flare gas recovery and utilisation, tank farm operation, corrosion, structural integrity, flow assurance, process design, broadband penetration, 5G deployment, and services, among others. We have a dedicated events management team that organises training, seminars, conferences, and workshops in Nigeria. Our industry conferences aim to bring industry players and other stakeholders to discuss and share knowledge on the latest trends in the industries where we operate.


Our team of experienced process technologist works with process equipment manufacturers and fabricators to identify new products that could add value, save cost, and reduce energy consumption for our client. Ours is not just about procurement but the application of our knowledge about the working principles of the equipment and the understanding of our client’s expectations.