• Fleissen & Company Limited

Thermal, Hydro and Renewables

  • Our consultants and analysts can provide insights into the recent developments in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. We carry out critical analysis for clients seeking to penetrate new markets, expand operations, and optimise processes by advising on the best approach to employ. Our activities are conducted to drive effectiveness, reliability, safety and profitability within an organization. Additionally, we help our clients become and remain leaders in a competitive business environment by providing them with enough relevant information for effective decision making. Our clients can minimise the cost of operation while maximising output by making decisions based on the findings of our in-depth research in the areas of:

    • Emerging technologies 

    • Energy-efficiency

    • Carbon emission reduction

    • Demand Side Management (DSM)

    • Technical auditing of facilities

    • Minimization of losses in the value chain